After the Tsunami of 26th December 2004 Royal Agio Cigars took the initiative to start a vocational training center; Agio Sirilak Sahana Sewa Vocational Training Center (A.S.V.T.C.). This is a center where young people with no prospects from poor families living close to the disaster area, can be educated. As a result they can contribute to the rebuilding and development of the country.

ASVTC is built on the ground of a Buddhist temple. The Buddhist priest in this area is very active and assists us wherever needed. With Mr. Samaratunga, we have a very good principal for the school.

The students are trained to become a construction worker, a plumber, a carpenter, a welder or electrician. There is also attention for personal development and entrepreneurship. The training at school takes 10 months. After that there is a practical training of 8 months ending in the final theory and practical exam. If they pass the students receive their diploma, recognized by the T.V.E.C. (Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission).

Since 2005 there is a re-designed qualification structure and so-called national skills standards per professional group.
The vocational training courses in the A.S.V.T.C. are all described in terms of these skills standards. By recruiting qualified trainers and the purchase of the machines, tools and materials as described in the National Skills Standards, the A.S.V.T.C. is officially recognized by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission as Vocational Training Center. As such the quality of the training is guaranteed and the school is allowed to issue nationally recognized diplomas.

We continue to follow our students in their first job and guide them to secondary education or stimulate and support them when starting their own business. Therefore we have chosen from each trade a representative in order to develop an “old boy’s network”

The Foundation Vocational Training Sri Lanka has been established in the Netherlands to encourage the continuity of the training. This foundation will set up funds for the benefit of extension and replacement of educational means. First of all business relations and Agio Cigars’ personnel will be approached, but also other sympathizers are most welcome to support our initiative.




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